Monday, September 26, 2011

The National Anthem

Saturday night Charlie and I attended the OU vs Missouri football game in Norman, OK. The Pride of Oklahoma marched onto the field in true OU fashion. They played Oklahoma then Grand Old Flag. After Grand Old Flag the three OU ROTC color guard units took the field to present the colors. The announcer asked for everyone to join the band by singing the National Anthem. As I proudly began to sing I thought about every word and the tears started to roll down my cheeks. As all 80K plus OU fans were about to comfortably enjoy watching OU play football, many men and women were fighting to protector the very freedom that we were singing about. At the end of the National Anthem at all OU sporting events the Home of the Brave is replaced with the Home of the Sooners. I have for years participated in that OU tradition until Saturday night when I realized how very disrespectful the alteration of our National Anthem is to our service men and women. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for disrespecting this Nation's National Anthem and the brave service men and women fighting for my freedom.

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